Your Internet Doctor is here…

Carl here. And perhaps just like you, when computer was introduced to me it was a bit intimidating. I was afraid to make mistakes on the technical aspects of using it. And even if it was taught in school (late for me), it was still a struggle at times especially when everything went computerized in the late 90s. 

I spent more time learning how to really ‘deale’ with it. As of today, it has become a fun experience. With the latest softwares, tools and gadgets around us, the experience is never overwhelming anymore. But you know what, I still want to go back to the basics. A lot of new information has already been dispersed by technology. 

This is the very reason why I chose to make a blog about the experience, about the learning that I, for one, believe will be helpful to everyone who also struggles by this time. 

Life seems to be dependent on this way of living nowadays, and if we retain ignorant about these things, it will surely be harder to catch up. I just hope this can somehow help you. Have fun learning!