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Working with Themes in Microsoft Word

Did you know that there are ready made themes that you can use in Microsoft Word? These themes have headers, bullets, dividers, and more. It is fairly easy to use a theme to create fancy documents and emails in Microsoft Word.

In this tutorial I will show you how to add a theme and how to work with the themes in Microsoft Word.

  • Open your program and create a new document to use.
  • Click Format -> Theme at the top of your window. The Theme box will pop up.
  • On the left hand side of the box you will see the different themes. On the right hand side of the box you will see the preview of the theme you clicked on.
  • Go through the themes and pick the one that you like.
  • Once you have selected the one that you want to use, click the OK button.

Now you will see the background of that theme on your document. Since you haven’t typed anything on your new document, you won’t see any of the other stuff that was on the theme. Now you can type your page as you want it. Then you can go back and fancy it up with the stuff that the theme offers. You can insert horizontal lines. You can insert tables, headers, links, bullets, and graphics.

To add the things that go with this theme you will need to use the Formatting box at the top of your window. If you type a link, click the formatting box to drop it down and click Hyperlink. Drop the box down and select Table if you want to insert a table in your document. You will also see the different headings that the theme offers. To add the bullets, highlight the stuff that you want to add the bullets to, then click the bullet icon at the top of your Microsoft Window.

To insert a horizontal line you will need to do the following. Click Format -> Borders and Shading. A window will pop up. At the bottom of that window you will see a Horizontal Line button. Click that button and that will bring the Horizontal Lines up. Click the line that you want to use and then click the OK button. That will insert your horizontal line into your document.

Make sure that you save your work often so that you don’t lose anything that you have created. There are many themes that you can use. Play around with them to get the theme the way that you want it.

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