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Help with Creating and Saving a New Document in Adobe Fireworks

The first thing to learn when using Fireworks is how to create and save a new document. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating and saving a new document in Fireworks. This tutorial will work with any version of Fireworks.


Let’s start off by creating a new document to work on. Open your Fireworks program. An interface will pop up, select New Document on the interface. The New Document properties box will open. In this box you will need to enter the height and width of the new document. Then select the document color. You have three options with the document color. You can use a white background, transparent background, or a color background. Tick the option of your choice. To use a color, tick the color field and click the color box. Click the color of your choice and the box will close. Click OK on the box to create the new document.

To create another new document, go to the top of Fireworks and click File -> New. The new document properties box will open and you can create the document. You can also press CTRL N on your keyboard to create a new document. CTRL N is the keyboard shortcut for creating a new document in Fireworks.


To save a document, go to the top of Fireworks and click File -> Save As. When the Save As box opens, enter a name for your document and click the Save button. This will save your document as a Fireworks file. To save a document while you are working on it, click File -> Save As. You can also press CTRL S on your keyboard to save your work as you are working. To save the document as a jpeg or gif, see the steps below.


You will need to export the document if you want to save it as a jpeg or gif file. To export the document, go to the top of Fireworks and click File -> Export Preview. When the box opens, drop down the Format box and select the format of your choice. Then click the Export button. Another box will open and you will need to type a name if the bottom field for you document. Then click the Save button. That will save your document as the format that you chose.


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