How Do I Remove Fonts from Windows

If you have unwanted fonts or dingbats in Windows, you can quickly remove them. Fonts and dingbats take up little space, but if you have a ton of them installed and can never find what you are looking for, you may want to remove the ones you just don’t use. Removing fonts from your computer will not hurt anything. This tutorial will show you how to locate the fonts you want to get rid of and remove them from your system.

Finding the Fonts You Want to Remove

First things first, you’ll need to find the fonts you want to remove. The best way to find fonts you want to remove is by opening your word processor. This way, you can open the fonts box and find the names of the fonts you want to delete. When you open the fonts box, you will see the name of the font and what it looks like. That will let you easily find the font you want to remove. So, open a word processor and minimize it to your taskbar. We will come back to that in a few minutes.

Locating Your Fonts Folder

Now you will need to open your fonts folder inside of your Windows folder. Go to My Computer and double click it to open it. Once it is opened, look for your local hard drive and double click it. Inside of your local hard drive, you will need to double click the Windows folder. In the Windows folder, double click the Fonts folder. This is where you will remove your fonts.

In the fonts folder, you will probably see small icons that may not show all of the name. You can change the view of the fonts to make it easier. To do this, click the View menu at the top of the window. Change the view to List. Now you should be able to see all of your fonts and the names of them. Minimize this window and open your word processor again.

Removing the Fonts

Look in your word processor and find the fonts and dingbats you want to remove. Then go back to your Fonts folder and find those same fonts and dingbats. Click one and press the Delete key on your keyboard. You will be asked if you really want to delete it. Confirm this step and it will be removed.

If you want to select more than one font or dingbat at a time, you can hold the CTRL key down while you are clicking the fonts. Then press the Delete key and confirm you want to remove all of the items selected.

You may have to keep going back to find the names of the fonts you want to remove. When you are finished, you can close your font folder and close your word processor.